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Micro-rollups to scale web3 applications

Build app-specific rollups on Ethereum in web2 programming languages

Break up the rollup monolith

Analogous to the “micro-services” architecture of web2, micro-rollups can be pieced together like legos to serve a bigger purpose (e.g. accounting module, NFT module, identity module).

Use languages you already love

Stackr unlocks more flexible rollups. Implement deterministic state machines for logic in any programming language like Python or Javascript.

Build sufficiently decentralized apps

Instead of putting the entire application on-chain, many developers are opting to decentralize just the bits that matter most (e.g. Farcaster).




The capacity of rollups to validate any offchain computation represents a remarkable superpower that can be harnessed to create highly effective and efficient use cases for distributed computing.


Construct fully immersive interactive games in languages you love.

Off-chain multi-nodal networks

Develop comprehensive distributed applications. Provide novel on-chain services to users by enabling nodes to interact with each other through a rollup network.

Decentralized Databases

Create a fully-fledged decentralized database system.

Permissioned enterprise applications

Build powerful private and semi-private applications with robust data access controls.

Oracles and real world data

This design also enables the efficient and seamless integration of off-chain data sources such as social graphs, user credit scores, and KYC and identity systems.

DeFi and NFT applications

Bridge assets from mainnet and run an offchain orderbook matching engine to facilitate trades for users.

No limits…

We are just unlocking the potential of rollups for distributed computing applications. Build secure and reliable communication infrastructure with custom L2s.